About GIS

Geographic Information Science (GIS) is a systems approach to problem solving, decision-making, and the visualization of the resulting information using:

  • GIS Analysts – Individuals Educated and Trained in GIS
  • Computer Hardware that is Specific to GIS
  • Computer Software that is Developed Especially for GIS
  • The Acquisition of Information including Imagery about a Single Location or a Group of Related Locations
  • The Conversion of that Information to Usable Data and the Management of that Data

A GIS Analyst is a specially trained individual who is required to use and understand

  • A Variety of Computer Systems,
  • Computer Software Applications and Programming,
  • The Graphic Design of Cartography or Map Making,
  • Website Design and Programming,
  • Satellite, Aerial, and Drone Imagery, and
  • Geography – the Scientific Discipline that Seeks to Understand the Earth, its Components, and its entire Human and Natural Complexities.

The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) is a natural place for GIS Analysts to work. The quest to understand the river and its geography is what inspires Geographers and GIS Analysts.

You can learn more about GIS and Geography from the links below: