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Data & Map Requests

SARA’s GIS Service Request

GIS Service Request

To request GIS Service, call the number below or email with your detailed GIS Service request.

We make every effort to complete and deliver the requested job within 10 business days from receipt of the request. Please make requests well in advance of your project’s due date.

For SARA GIS Service, please call: (210) 302-3299.

Map Requests

SARA GIS can provide you with property floodplain maps and more unique maps upon request. Available below is a map request form. Please fill out the form, be as detailed as possible, and we will get back to you!

There is no cost for a map request/production.

LiDAR Data Sets can generally exceed 1tb or more in size.  If you provide an external hard-drive, SARA will synchronize the data to your hard-drive at cost.  If SARA provides the hard-drive, there is a cost for the hard-drive.  Please inquire about these costs to you prior to making the request.

Costs:  Generally, most map requests will not incur a cost.  Custom maps, data sets not readily available, or other non-standard production may incur a cost to you.  We will notify you if your request will incur a cost to you.

Delivery:  Email, U.S. Postal Service or In-Person Pickup is available.
Make Payments prior to shipping.  Receipt of payment is necessary for pickup.

Download the GIS Request Form or Complete the Web Form below. For general GIS questions, please call: (210) 302-3299.