LiDAR / Aerial Imagery

LiDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. A laser,  mounted in an airplane, is pointed at the ground and the reflection of the laser beam back from the ground returns the airplane’s height above the ground. The return of a thousand laser reflection points paints a representation of the ground’s terrain or the physical features of a landscape. A million points form a very accurate point-cloud map of the terrain.

Aerial Imagery (photos taken from airplanes) and Satellite Imagery (images taken from orbit around the earth) help to visualize the earth’s terrain and the objects (buildings for example) on the terrain.

For acquiring LiDAR and Imagery, SARA collaborates with partners that include the Texas Natural Resource Information Systems (TNIRS)/Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

The dates of available LiDAR data sets are between March 2010 and November 2011. This acquisition covers approximately 1,870 square miles and includes all of Bexar County with edge coverage of Bandera, Kendall, Comal, Guadalupe, Wilson, Atascosa, and Medina Counties.

This acquisition’s mission was primarily to support FEMA flood mapping projects. But through the assistance of EarthEye, terrain contours are available for the same area.


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